Reiki is traditionally administered through a “laying on of hands”. Light touch from the practitioner’s hands at different points in the body channels reiki through this area charging it with positive energy. Oftentimes the practitioner will identify areas of focus by assessing the body’s seven chakras to identify energetic imbalances.

Reiki is generally used to release stress and anxiety. This pent up negative energy could be having minor or major outward manifestations ranging from headaches and pains to respiratory or digestive problems. By creating the conditions necessary for relaxation and healing, reiki allows an individual’s energy to begin to resolve these issues. Often people report feeling a harmonious or positive affect mentally and physically for at least 72 hours following a treatment. Please contact us HERE to schedule your first session.


$85/   Single 45-minute Reiki Healing Session

$240/   Three 45-minute Reiki Healing Sessions