You can expect a warm welcome to our community! You will be encouraged to make yourself at home and feel comfortable. Instructors will get to know you by name. Students will be friendly and respectful toward you. You will leave feeling better than when you arrived.

We are the perfect studio for people new to yoga, and to experienced yogis. Not flexible? No problem! That is one good reason to start doing yoga! Heal your body. You will most likely smile with us, laugh at/with us, and feel totally relaxed.

Your needs are important to us. We offer small size classes to provide personal attention to our students. Instructors value safety, education and comfort. If you have specific medical concerns, we recommend a Yoga Therapy session to assess your needs so that our Yoga Therapist can recommend the best classes for you. We welcome all feedback as valuable information. Please share all concerns with us so that we can make your experience as positive as possible. We are here to serve you!

Please take advantage of our New Student Special to see if we are the right yoga home for you. All pertinent information for new students is found in the FAQ page of our website.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this beautiful practice! 

Om Om Om Peace