“We can't      solve problems      by using the same      kind of thinking      we used when we created them.”    -Albert Einstein   Pisces, born March 14

“We can't

solve problems

by using the same

kind of thinking

we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

Pisces, born March 14


SUNDAY OCTOBER 13 10am-12:15pm


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Yogastrology®, released in 2008, is the creation of yoga therapist Diane Booth Gilliam, MA, E-RYT. There are several ways to use Yogastrology® and each way is designed to enhance health, wellness, and understanding of yoga and astrology. Traditional astrology correlates each sign of the zodiac with an area of the human body, and Yogastrology® brings these correlations together with yoga. 

There's yoga for your sun, moon, or rising sign. 

There's yoga for the current sun sign;

For example, during the month of Sagittarius, focus yoga WHERE is it most effective (Sagittarius correlates with the hips), WHEN the energy is most active (approx. November 22 to December 21). Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet. Energy is expansive and free so experience freedom in your body - and your life - with Yogastrology® for Sagittarius.

Each zodiac sign has special qualities. Yogastrology® Workshops and Trainings invoke the full experience. Please join us.

We will begin with a Yoga+Astrology Mat practice to experience Astrology in the body. After a deep relaxation, we share a star talk.

Aromatherapy and crystal healing will be used throughout the practice. Topical application of essential oils is always optional.

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Join us this June for Meditation Class with Jonathan Ustun! In this one hour class, you will learn, and practice basic meditation techniques. Jon’s approach to meditation technique is beginner-friendly and light. You will have a take-home meditation practice to use in your daily life.

 MEDITATION Heals: Meditation can help reduce physical and mental tension. With the body and mind more relaxed, the immune system circulates better. Direct effects on brain structure include increased size of prefrontal cortex and gray matter; EEG activity changes to more relaxation, shown by increased alpha waves, theta waves, EEG synchronicity. In other words, you will feel pretty awesome afterwards. Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction, and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease healthcare costs. Become a witness to the mental activity without engaging or interacting with the thoughts. Our true inner power comes when we are no longer controlled by our thoughts. We realize that the true self is not the thoughts because thoughts are simply an aspect of the mind. All levels welcome. 

Jonathan Ustun first learned meditation in his teens and has practiced regularly for the last 30 years, teaching for the last 10 with the Mediation Group of Alexandria and the Gurdjieff Society of Washington.  His approach is inclusive and supportive of any and all religious and spiritual practice is grounded in deep relaxation and sensation; a direct experience of  one's relaxed presence in the moment.  There will be some guidance as well as time for shared silence.  He offers meditation sessions as a form of outreach because a group is needed to support one's experience, and this meditation group is a support for his own practice and search.