IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist Deborah Uma Sheetz is available to help you access the therapeutic properties of yoga to address your individual concerns. A yoga therapist looks at the whole person and recommends various yogic practices that can bring relief and improve (but typically not cure) a variety of conditions.

Therapeutic yoga can be a critical piece of a complete plan to address physical or mental challenges. Try a session to get a taste of how yoga can help you or sign up for a series of sessions to experience the healing power of yoga and receive a customized plan you can use at home.

A private session can teach you how to:


GIVE the heart rest and lower blood pressure if you suffer from any form of cardiovascular disease (the nation's #1 killer);

RESPOND to many of the effects of cancer ranging from gently stretching scar tissue, improving immune response, and reducing elevated levels of stress and anxiety;

MOVE joints in ways that improve arthritis symptoms and reduce pain;

STRETCH safely in cases of physical limitations or osteoporosis;

REDUCE back pain and work with body alignment to improve knee issues;

SOOTHE the central nervous system to reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression;

SAFELY practice yoga for those not yet ready for a group class (and prepare to attend a group class if desired);

IMPROVE sleep;

MITIGATE the effects of loss and grief on the body, mind, and spirit;

CALM the mind so its power can be more fully harnessed;

MAINTAIN greater mobility and independence as the body ages;

RESPOND to life's challenges with greater ease and wisdom.



Rates: $110 / 1 session; $420 /4 sessions, $800 /8 sessions. Monthly installments for multi-session options are available. 

Scheduling: Please Contact us through the website to schedule your first appointment. Uma will reply to you with an intake form and a range of possible meeting times, along with questions or concerns regarding the session. Most sessions are scheduled late morning or afternoon, with occasional evenings and wider availability weekdays.