Good Vibes Yoga offers both Yogastrology® Workshops, and Astrology private consultations.

Yogastrology®, released in 2008, is the creation of yoga therapist Diane Booth Gilliam, MA, CYT. There are several ways to use Yogastrology® and each way is designed to enhance health, wellness and understanding of yoga and astrology. Traditional astrology correlates each sign of the zodiac with an area of the human body, and Yogastrology® brings these correlations together with yoga. There's yoga for your sun, moon or rising sign. For example, during Sagittarius focus yoga where is it most effective (Sagittarius correlates with the hips), when the the energy is most active (November 22 to December 21). Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet) is expansive and free. Experience freedom in your body - and in your life - with Yogastrology® for Sagittarius. Each zodiac sign has special qualities. Yogastrology® is about the experience.


Yogastrology® Workshop  


SUN in Virgo FULL MOON Pisces

$35 special price for auto-renew members

$40 for general public

Learn and discuss the energies of nature, and how they affect us according to the elements within us. This is not a fortune telling class. This class helps to understand the larger picture of what natural energies surround us. We benefit through this education to understand external and internal influences to help guide us through life both on and off of the yoga mat. 

We will begin with a Yoga+Astrology Mat practice to experience Virgo and Picses in the body. After a deep relaxation, we share a star talk.

Aromatherapy and crystal healing will be used throughout the practice. Topical application of essential oils is always optional.

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